Accommodation and Offices Cabins

Customer: Wintershall Libya / Mabruk Oil Operations Libya
Contact: Mr. Sergei Tchernenkov (021 335 0140-7 Wintershall)
Mr. Dominique Parigot (021 335 0401 Mabruk Oil Operations)
Date: 2007 to 2009
Location: C96, C97 and C17
Scope of work:

Accommodation and Offices Cabins:

We are providing Wintershall with Senior Accommodation Cabin with two
Bed Rooms on their Concession C96 and C97

We are providing El Mabruk Oil Operations with 3 Senior Accommodation
Cabins and 2 Company Man Accommodation and Office Cabins on their
Concession 17.

And 2 Offshore Zone I pressurized office Cabins through HB Rental for which we are the agent.